English Meaning of kava

Meaning of 'kava' (कव)

f Embracing or an embrace. Ex. करिता आठव ॥ धावुनिया घाली कव ॥. Also सहस्त्रार्जुनें कव घालून ॥ ग्रीवेसीं धरिला दशवदन ॥. 2 The embrace or comprehension of the arms extended circularly and meeting. Ex. हें झाड माझ्या कवेंत मावत नाहीं. 3 The space encompassed by lines of posts and nets (in inlets &c. to catch fish). 4 The grasp or comprehension (as of the expanded mouth, of scissors, of the mind or intellect). कव घालणें (संसारास or कामास) To cherish or mind fondly or closely.

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