English Meaning of kautuka

Meaning of 'kautuka' (कौतुक)

n (S) A wonder or marvel; any object (a person, thing, act, event, appearance) exciting surprise, admiration, fondness, or delight. Ex. त्याचे बोलण्याचें कौ0 वाटतें; ज्या पदार्थाचें ज्यास कौ0 वाटत नाहीं त्यास तो देउं नये. 2 Holding admiringly or fondly: also caressing, fondling, cockering, and indulging (of a child, a hobby gen.): also treating delicately and daintily. v राख or ठेव with नें. 3 Festivities, sports, diversions, shows, plays, song, dance. 4 Amusement, enjoyment, entertainment, sport.

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