English Meaning of khanda

Meaning of 'khanda' (खांद)

m (खांदा) The shoulder, or the upper part of the back, or the back of the neck (of men or beasts); when considered with reference to carrying or to burdens. Ex. पालखीला खांद घातला- दिल्हा; खांद आला; खांद सुजला. 2 fig. Familiarity or skill by use or practice, habituation. v पड. 3 Grain given in return for the services of a borrowed ox, buffalo &c. 4 Contending or coping with; as in खांद बांधणें or करणें with सीं of o. To set one's self against; to assume the attitude of opposition or rivalry; to vie with. 4 Rubbedness or soreness of shoulder (from carrying or bearing). v ये. खांद चोरणें To hold in or spare the shoulder (from the yoke). खांद देणें To lend the shoulder to, lit. fig.

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