English Meaning of khanda

Meaning of 'khanda' (खांदा)

m (स्कंध S) A shoulder. 2 The yoke-rest of a bullock. 3 That part of the trunk of a tree at which commences the furcation or shooting into branches. 4 Amongst bearers. A shoulder's work; a shoulder's run. 5 The shoulder or top of the back considered as the carrying or bearing place. 6 Familiarity or skill by use or practice, habituation, inuredness. v पड. 7 W An arm or a large bough of a tree. खांद्याखालीं पदर (Whose पदर passes under her shoulder instead of passing over it. See पदर Sig. VII.) A term for a wanton or immodest woman. खांद्याचा (बैल &c.) Draught (bullock &c.) खांद्या- वर (मेखा, गांठोडें &c.) देणें To turn out (of office or service); to pack off with bag and baggage. खांद्यास लागणें To be occupied as a bearer of a bier or a corpse.

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