English Meaning of gada

Meaning of 'gada' (गाडा)

m A common load-cart; a cart without a frame or box. Pr. भरल्या गाड्यास सूप जड नाहीं. 2 The circumference of a wheel; the mere ring or frame (as of a drum, tambourine, sieve, nosering). 3 or संसाराचा गाडा The business and bustle, embarrassments and engagements, of active or secular life; worldly affairs. गाडाभर A cart-load. 2 fig. A great quantity. गाड्यावर नाव नावेवर गाडा (Sometimes the boat is carried on the cart, sometimes the cart is conveyed on the boat.) Used to express reciprocity of kind offices: also vicissitudes or fluctuations of fortune; the rise of the base and the fall of the noble. चालत्या गाड्याला खीळ घालणें To stop a current business.

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