English Meaning of cimata

Meaning of 'cimata' (चिमटा)

m A pinch. v घे, तोड, बस, चिमट्यांत धरणें. 2 Pincers, nippers, tweezers, tongs. 3 fig. The triangular space included between two rivers or two roads proceeding to a confluence at an acute angle: also between two fields, or generally. 4 A strait or dilemma; a situation betwixt two fires or two evils. 5 Plucking out (hairs &c.) with nippers. v घे, कर. चि0 घेणें with ला To refreshen the memory of, to pinch, jog, nudge. चि0 धरणें To undergo the operation of hair-plucking at the hands of the barber. चिमट्यांत धरणें To catch or hold under embarrassment or difficulty: and चिमट्यांत सांपडणें or पडणें To be caught &c.

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