English Meaning of cimani

Meaning of 'cimani' (चिमणी)

f A hen-sparrow, Pyrgita domestica. 2 An earthen or wooden sparrow to blow through. 3 A plaything,--two stones enclosed in a leathern case to be rapped together. 4 A sort of funnel,--a saucer-form vessel with a pouring mouth. 5 A knob turning on a pivot, to confine a window or door-shutter, a button. 6 The sheath or investing rind of the base of the कावळा or चोर of a plantain. चिमणीच्या दांतानें फोडणें To bite (betelnut, a fruit &c.) wrapped up in a cloth; so that there is no pollution by the spittle. (When a portion is to be given to another.)

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