English Meaning of nadi

Meaning of 'nadi' (नाडी)

f (S) Any tubular organ of the body, an artery, a vein, an intestine &c. 2 The stalk, culm, or haum of a plant. 3 The tape of the waist of a garment. It is a piece of a marked off length, about four feet: also that material, taping or tape-stuff. 4 A pipe or tube. 5 The pulse (at the hand or foot). 6 An hour of twenty-four minutes. 7 (From the conceit of नाडी A vein.) A classified division of the table of the lunar asterisms. There are three, each containing nine asterisms. They are named आदिनाडी, मध्यनाडी, अंत्यनाडी. 8 A specific duct or canal in the system, of which it pleaseth the Hindús to reckon three; viz. कफनाडी, पित्तनाडी, वातनाडी. नाडी आकर्षण करणें-होणें-गोळा करणें &c. To draw up as in dying; and fig. To ruin or be ruined.

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