English Meaning of naṃva or nava

Meaning of 'naṃva or nava' (नांव or नाव)

n (नाम S) A name or an appellation. 2 A noun. 3 fig. Renown, reputation, celebrity, character, credit, good name. 4 A bad name or character, a blot, brand, stigma. v ठेव. नांव जळो or भाजो, नांवास हळद लागो &c. Phrases in imprecation. नांव नको Phrase expressing utter disgust or abhorrence. नांव न घेणें g. of o. To abstain from; to refrain or hold off from wholly; to name no more. नांव नाहीं (विद्येचें, पैशाचें, साख- रेचें &c.) There is not the name or shadow of, the faintest appearance, mark, trace, sign of. नांव सोडणें or टाकणें g. of o. To drop the name of. 2 To give up or relinquish; to dissolve connection with or quench desire after. नांवाचा Nominal, having only the name of: also bearing a (great or good) name. नावानें बोंब मारणें g. of o. To cry out on; to clamor vehemently and publicly against. नांवावर On the account of; for the sake of; out of regard to. नांवावर पाणी घालणें g. of o. To marr or blast one's good name. नांवावर विकणें To be admitted or well received in the name of. नांवास चढणें To attain to eminence and celebrity. नांवास देखील नाहीं There is notenough toswear by. To the above add--ज्याचें नांव with neg. con. Of which even the name (is not), i. e. of which there is noneatall, none absolutely. Ex. यंदा पाऊस ज्याचें नांव पडला नाहीं, Also ज्याचें नांव तें (Whose name--it, i. e. it or he the unnamed, as being inauspicious or unworthy to be named.) Used of a thing or a person which never renders or performs what is required or expected. नांवगांव विचारणें g. of o. (To ask the name and the village of.) To ask the circumstances and common particulars of; to inquire about. नांव ठेवणें To brand, stigmatize, blame, find fault with. 2 also नांव सांगणें-लावणें- घालणें-देणें To fix the price or terms of. नांव ठेवील लोकाला शेंबूड आपल्या नाकाला Used of ready faultfinding with neighbors whilst there is blindness athome. नांव धुळींत -मातींत -पाण्यांत-ग्वांत &c. जाणें- मिळणें-पडणें To lose one's good name. नांवाची बोंब पडणें g. of s. To become, as the perpetrator of some evil deed, the subject of popular complaint or clamor. नांवानें पाणी तावणें g. of o. To hate and wish the death of. नांवानें पूज असणें g. of s. (To have a cipher attached.) To be utterly wanting. नांवानें शंख g. of s. (To be the subject of wail or outcry.) To be non-existent, null, wanting. नांवा- वर गोवऱ्या फोडणें-घालणें-रचणें &c. To imprecate evil or to prepare evil against. (Because गोवऱ्या are gathered for the burning of a corpse.) नांवें In the name of. This word is, amongst merchants, (as खर्च is in official accounts,) the heading of the expenditure-side of an account, understood before each item.

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