English Meaning of ankada

Meaning of 'ankada' (अंकडा)

m (अंक S) A number, figure, cypher, an arithmetical sign. 2 Also अकडा m A hook or crook, a curved end gen. 3 Also अकडा m The tail of a scorpion, claw of a crab, curved pod of chili-pepper, tamarind &c. अ0 वळणें g. of s. To be contracted (through cold, fear &c.) अंकडे मोडणें or बसणें g. of s. To undergo the sinking on both sides of the rump (the parting of the free bones) which precedes and indicates calving--a cow or buffalo. अंकड्यासयेणें To begin to hang over--शेत-पीक-धान्य- the ears of a crop from fulness; to be ripening.

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