English Meaning of bhuka

Meaning of 'bhuka' (भूक)

f (बुभुक्षा S) Hunger. Pr. भुकेस कोंडा निद्रेस धोंडा. 2 Appetite. 3 fig. Desire or longing. भूक धरणें To restrain (refrain from gratifying) one's appetite or hunger (altogether or in measure); to stay one's stomach. 2 g. of s. with passive import. To have one's appetite or hunger satisfied or appeased, or one's stomach stayed; as चतकोरावर माझी भूक धरती काय? पावशेर भाता- वर भूक धरत नाहीं. भूक मारणें To repress or deny one's hunger: also to beat it down by a scanty morsel. भुकें मरणें To die of hunger, to famish

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