English Meaning of lula

Meaning of 'lula' (लुला)

a (लोल S Dangling or shaking, through H) Withered or distorted; dangling useless, whether naturally or from disease; crippled, paralysed, impaired, or very infirm generally;--used of any limb, member, or organ; and also of the person or animal so crippled or debilitated; as हाताचा-पायाचा-बोटाचा-कमरेचा-कानाचा-डोळ्या- चा-जिभेचा लुला. 2 Applied with all freedom to a limb, member, or organ, or to a living creature, so affected (by whatever disorder or original defect) as to be incapable of performing its function or discharging his duty; also to anything whatsoever defective, decayed, or impaired, or regarded as slack, rickety, feeble, flimsy, flexile, failing. Applied also (and rather as a noun) to a person utterly broken up by decrepitude and infirmities,--to a person sans eyes, sans teeth, sans everything.

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