English Meaning of vahaneṃ

Meaning of 'vahaneṃ' (वाहणें)

v c (वाह or वह S) To convey; to transport by drawing or bearing; to carry or bear generally. 2 To bear up; to sustain, maintain, support, uphold. Ex. वाहिलें जरीं तुम्ही देवा॥ काय भय काळाचें॥; शेष पृथ्वीतें आपल्या मस्तकावर वाहतो; प्रधान राज्यभार वाहतो. 3 fig. To bear or cherish in the mind or spirit. Ex. तू इतका कां अभिमान वाहतोस? 4 To prosecute or pursue (a business as a means of subsistence); to carry on or drive (any occupation). Ex. त्यानें तें पहिलें स्वकर्म वा- हिलें ॥ तिरींच आरंभिलें ॥ Used of the elephant which, although just washed, will, even at the river's bank, follow his accustomed occupation (viz. that of dusting himself). Also to use and apply; to employ and regulate or direct (animals, carts, ships) in this seeking of a subsistence. 5 To offer in worship; to lay, set, or present (offerings). 6 To take or make (an oath or adjuration). 7 To dedicate or devote unto. Hence To give up; renouncing or relinquishing all claim or right over, all profession of or pretension to, all affection, intention, or purpose to or towards. 8 To give out, hand over, pay. Pr. जामीन राहा आणि गांठचें वाहा. 9 To fix (a bowstring). Ex. ऐसिया चापा उचलोन ॥ जो राजेंद्र वाहिला गुण ॥; also क्षण न लागता वाहिला गुण ॥ वोढी वोढिला (pulled a pull) आकर्ण ॥. चिंता वाहणें g. of o. To entertain or bear a care for.

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