English Meaning of kadakaneṃ

Meaning of 'kadakaneṃ' (कडकणें)

v i (कडक) To dry up; to become lean and meagre--man or animal. 2 To crack or open from intense dryness. 3 To become or to be dryripe, dry for reaping--corn or grass: also to dry up without ripening (as through dry heat or great cold). 4 To dry stiffly or hard--cloth. 5 To craunch; to crackle; to rustle--crisp bread under chewing, dry grass or corn under cutting, thorns under burning, dry and stiff clothes, paper &c. 6 To rail and bellow in passion; to storm at. With वर of o. 7 To crack or peal--thunder. Ex. वीज कडकली. कडकून सांगणें-बोलणें &c. To tell, say, or speak in a loud voice; to exclaim, bawl, bellow.

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