English Meaning of kara

Meaning of 'kara' (कर)

m (S) Royal revenue, toll, tax, assessment, impost. 2 A settled allowance to certain orders in a village,--to the पाटील, कुळकरणी, जोशी &c.; a sum or quantity in general fixed to be given. 3 A hand. 4 Attached to the names of towns, it implies Inhabitant. Ex. काशीकर, पुणेकर. 5 As the last member of a compound in comp. with Sanskrit words, it implies Agent. Ex. प्रकाशकर, सुखकर, आनंदकर. 6 ind It follows imitative particles. Ex. झटकर, पटकर, चटकर, धडकर. 7 f An unlucky day, viz. the day following an eclipse, that of either of the solstices, that of the death of a person in the village, the day of the burning of the होळी &c.

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