English Meaning of capeta

Meaning of 'capeta' (चपेट)

f (S) A pat or slap; a blow or stroke (from a tiger's or cat's paw, with the hand, or gen.) Ex. एके चपेटेंकरुनि ॥ झाडें टाकिति मोडुनि ॥. 2 fig. (tsapeṭ.) A stroke of misfortune; a blow or loss in business: also an attack as of robbers or an epidemic, of rats, frost, or a blight upon crops; a stroke of a भूत or पिशाच; an infliction or exaction by a tyrant; a blow struck in battle or war. v मार, बस. 3 fig. Stroke of the hand, i. e. mastery, power, reduction under gripe or clutches. च0 साधणें To make a good stroke or hit (as in trade).

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