English Meaning of cara

Meaning of 'cara' (चर)

a (S) Locomotive, moving, going. Ex. चरद्रव्य Moveables, goods and chattels; जलचर water-going; खचर heaven-going; भूचर, वनचर &c. 2 An epithet for certain mansions of the moon and for a division of the signs of the zodiac; viz. for Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricornus. Whatever is to be accomplished with expedition is to be done under these signs; but not that of which the permanency is desired. Of the lunar asterisms, of the signs of the zodiac, of the लग्म or signs of the oblique ascension, and of the वेळा or divisions of time, three departments are made, named severally चर or चरस्वभाव, स्थिर or स्थिर स्वभाव, & द्विस्वभाव, moving, stationary, partaking of the two. The चर signs are मेष, कर्क, तुला, मकर; the स्थिर signs are वृषभ, सिंह, कुंभ, वृश्चिक; the द्विस्वभाव are मिथुन, कन्या, धन, मीन. 3 Laxly. That is on the move or wing; that is about to start.

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