English Meaning of miravaneṃ

Meaning of 'miravaneṃ' (मिरवणें)

v i ( or A A lord, a nobleman.) To march with slowness and pompous exhibition; to proceed with state and grandeur; to parade--a royal train, a marriage procession, a pageant in general. 2 Familiarly. To strut or stalk; to walk with stately air and superb steps: also, humorously, to parade it like a king or lord, i. e. to be carried (upon an ass &c.) around a town in disgraceful exposure. Ex. आज पगडी फेंकून कोण्हीकडे मिरवत चाललास; त्या न्हाव्याची आज धिंड मिरवती आहे. 3 (Poetry.) To be graceful--a seat on horseback &c. Ex. पृष्ठीं मिरवलीं वैसकासनें ॥. 4 To play about;--as sunbeams. Ex. फिरविते रविते दधीभितरीं ॥ मिरवते रवितेज नगावरि ॥. मिरवा मिरवणें To strut about in finery or in pompous display; to show off.

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