English Meaning of lalitya

Meaning of 'lalitya' (लालित्य)

n S A branch of feminine action arising from the sentiment of love,--lolling, languishing, languid signs and gestures indicative of the tender passion. 2 Brilliance or beauty (of thought or composition); gracefulness, elegance, loveliness, melodiousness, tastefulness, charming quality in general; as per ex. अर्थलालित्य, कंठलालित्य, गति- लालित्य, गानलालित्य, बुद्धिलालित्य, रूपलालित्य, वर्ण- लालित्य, वाक्यलालित्य, रसलालित्य, शब्दलालित्य, स्वरलालित्य.

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