English Meaning of vadhaneṃ

Meaning of 'vadhaneṃ' (वाढणें)

v i (वृद्धि or वृध S) To increase or augment; to advance in number, quantity, or bulk. 2 To grow, to advance to maturity. 3 To advance, to get ahead or on, to come or go forward. 4 To advance aggressively; to come or go forward and in front of; to come with assault or daring. 5 Used, and esp. by women (through superstitious apprehension of evil from the direct expression of the fact), in the sense of To be expended, consumed, exhausted--an article of provision &c: also to be winnowed--corn. 6 To be under the agitation consequent upon demoniac possession: also to be active and stirring;--used of the possessing demon.

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