English Meaning of vadhata

Meaning of 'vadhata' (वाढता)

p a of वाढणें Growing, advancing to maturity. 2 Augmenting or increasing; as वाढता धंदा -रोजगार -चाकरी -मुद्दत -बुद्धि -लक्ष्मी -राज्य -कळा. 3 Given over or to boot;--used of the bángṛí as explained below. 4 unc That serves (the provisions of a meal). Pr. वाढत्यापेक्षां चहाडता गोड Sweeter is the slanderer than the server of food. This form of the proverb is a variation. See the form under चहाडणें. वाढत्या अंगाचा a That grows rapidly. 2 Made to allow room for growing--a garment.

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