English Meaning of sa

Meaning of 'sa' (सा)

Abridged from असा Such, similar, like, and much used as affixed to adjectives and verbs, and, occasionally, to other of the parts of speech; as बरासा, मोठासा, गोडसा, and जाईसा, देईसा, येईसा. When attached to nouns some particularity arises; as आज मला निद्राशी वाटली-जेवणसें वाटलें-उपोषणसें वाटलें I feel I have had some sleep to-day -have made a meal -have fasted. Also पाऊससा वाटला, वारासा वाटला, ऊन्हसें वाटलें &c.

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