English Meaning of hare ṃvareṃ

Meaning of 'hare ṃvareṃ' (हरें वारें)

n (होरा The prognostications of astrologers, almanack-makers &c., and वारें Flatus of a god or Blast of a wind. Illustrations of vagueness, uncertainty, unsubstantialness, instability &c.) A formation to express Emptiness and transitoriness (as of revelry, jollity, exuberant plentifulness, or glowing prosperity). Pr.हरें वारें देव्हारें. Note. हरें वारें, notwithstanding the above explication from होरा & वारें, and notwithstanding the similar phrase हरा होरा or हरें होरें, may be only a variation of the phrase हरा वारा देव्हारा &c. under हरा; yet, whilst that phrase signifies simply Transitoriness, these two phrases are unquestionably employed to express Flush or flash, rich and rackety, gorgeous and pretentious, but unenduring.

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