English Meaning of ha

Meaning of 'ha' (हा)

pron (इदम् S) He; or this (person or thing expressed by a word of the masculine gender). 2 There is a striking use of this pronoun in order to convey the impression of instantaneity, or superlative briefness of time, or extreme celerity of action. Ex. तुम्ही पुढें चला हा मी मागून येतों; i. e. This very I (unaffected by the lapse even of a moment, the very identical composition now before you) will rejoin you; मी हाच आलों, मी हाच येईन &c. I am returned the very person that left you; i. e. I am back in a trice. The word is declinable. 3 An interjection of hasty prohibition or menacing repression. 4 interj (S) Alas! ha! ah!

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