English Meaning of haṃ

Meaning of 'haṃ' (हां)

ad ( H) A particle expressing consent, assent, admission, acknowledgment &c., yes. 2 An interjection indicative of sudden pleasure or of slight and agreeable surprise, corresponding well with the English Ah! yes! &c. Ex. हां आतां श्लोक लागला; हां ही कल्पना बरी सुचली; हां आतां काठी रगडून पाठीवर बसूं लागली कबूल होतोस काय. 3 An interjection also of pain. v म्हण. See हाय. 4 An interjection to arouse, excite, awaken, and make attentive (to something that is to be enjoined or particularly inculcated). Ex. हां खबरदार पुढें बोललास तर; हां चालू द्या काम पुढें बसूं नका.

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