English Meaning of hajiramajalasa or -majalisa

Meaning of 'hajiramajalasa or -majalisa' (हाजीरमजालस or -मजालीस)

f ( A A) A public court or council, and esp. the royal court or divan, as in session for business: also a member of such assembly. 2 The whole company present (upon any occasion). 3 A written complaint against a person addressed to a मामलत- दार or other high authority (as representing a court). 4 Used as ad Before the court or council; in the public assembly; in the face or hearing of the world at large. Ex. तुला मी घरांत सांगणार नाहीं हा0 काय तें सांगेन. Note. हाजीरमजलस sometimes occurs in the first clause of the first sense.

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