English Meaning of haremohare or haremoharesa

Meaning of 'haremohare or haremoharesa' (हारेमोहरे or हारेमोहरेस)

or हारेम्होरे or or हाऱ्यामोहऱ्यास prep (हार Line, & मोहरे Before.) In the line or path of; in the presence of. Note. The use of this phrase is not regular and unrestrained. There is ever an implication of inability or impropriety in the objects being in the presence or way of; and the construction is invariably negative. Ex. म्यां एकवेळ त्या पोरास मार दिल्हा तेव्हांपासून तो माझे हारेमोहरेस उभा राहत नाहीं; त्याशीं व्यवहार करूं म्हणतां पर तो सोदा आहे त्याचे हारेमोहरे तुम्ही उभे राहूं नका.

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