English Meaning of kadaka

Meaning of 'kadaka' (कडक)

a (कडक! the sound fancied in snapping.) Brittle, hard but comparatively of less toughness or weaker cohesion;--used of kinds of wood, and of iron as compared with lead or gold. 2 Dry, crisp, hard and stiff from dryness--bread, a cloth &c.: also hard from unripeness--a fruit or vegetable. 3 Hale and hearty--man or beast. 4 fig. Fierce, ardent, impetuous, prompt--fire, heat, a person, a disposition, a horse: hot, acrid, pungent--peppers, medicines, snuff &c.: sharp, pinching, biting--cold &c.: shrill or piercing--the voice: angry or high-toned--language.

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