English Meaning of kadakadita

Meaning of 'kadakadita' (कडकडीत)

a (कडकड) Crisp; that emits a crashing or crackling sound--parched grains &c. under chewing. 2 Intensely hot--sunshine, water &c. 3 Ready, fresh, vigorous--an acquired knowledge: also prompt and smart in the use of it--a person. 4 Plain, outright, void of reserve or subtlety--speech, dealing: also a person. 5 Rigidly observant of prescribed rites; minutely exact and correct--a person, a conduct. 6 Stiff and crackling from dryness--a cloth. 7 Hard, severe, rigorous--a regimen, a course, a वैराग्य, तपश्चर्या &c. 8 Strictly or strikingly real; true out and out--a वारें or demon-afflatus. 9 (Poetry.) Rough. Ex. तव तें वल्कलें क0 कठीण ॥ नेसतां न येति सीतेलागून ॥ The common word is खरखरीत or खडबडीत.

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