English Meaning of kadakuta

Meaning of 'kadakuta' (कडाकूट)

f m Minute and toilsome investigation or discussion; wearisome sifting or debating. 2 Toil, trouble, efforts, pains; laborious bustling or ado; earnest and harassing scheming and striving. 3 Extravagant copiousness or abundance: also exceeding vehemence or force of action. Ex. काय हो आज आंब्याची क0; गुळाची-तुपाची-लाड- वांची-पिकाची-धान्याची-आमदनीची-क0; पावसानें- वाऱ्यानें-थंडीनें-क0 केली. MEM. This word should not be confounded with कडाकोट.

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