English Meaning of kadakota

Meaning of 'kadakota' (कडाकोट)

m (कड Edge or verge, कोट Fort.) Confining on a spot having a precipice or an escarpment on all sides. 2 Making all (through locking, bolting, barring &c.) fast and secure. Ex. घरांत जिकडे तिकडे क0 केला. 3 Surrounding a spot with some strong means of protection: also such surrounded and protected state; as फौजेचा क0 निवडुंगाचा or शेराचा क0 Encompassing a place with troops, with a fence of the prickly pear &c. and वाघाच्या भयामुळें धनगर म्हशींचा क0 करितात. मेघाचा-पावसाचा-आभाळाचा क0 Overspread state (of the heavens) with dense masses of clouds. Hence, freely, Overflowing or all-pervading state; exceeding extent and prevalence; overwhelming plentifulness (of operations, proceedings, doings, or of products or articles; as लढाईचा-मारामारीचा- तोफांचा-वादाचा-वाद्यांचा-अध्ययनाचा-गाण्याचा-बोल- ण्याचा-मंडळीचा-समारंभाचा-धान्याचा-पिकाचा-पैक्या- चा-क0 5 Although demanding to be distinguished from कडाकूट, it is sometimes confounded with that word. 6 Used in comp. or as adj, as कडाकोट बंदोबस्त Any strong and secure disposition or arrangement.

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