English Meaning of kadakha

Meaning of 'kadakha' (कडाखा)

m (Imit.) A loud-sounding blow or stroke; a strapping, a whack, a whop: also the sound of it, or generally, a loud whacking or cracking sound. 2 fig. It is extensively used in the sense of Sharpness, fierceness, rigor, severity &c., intensity or extremity generally, of action or of quality; as थंडीचा क0 Sharpness of cold; उणाचा क0 Fierceness of heat; पावसाचा or पाण्याचा क0 Severity or violence of rain; रागाचा क0 Extravagance of anger; धारणेचा क0 Exorbitance of price or rate; धान्याचा क0 Great scarcity of corn or grain, i. e. great outcry about it; महा- मारीचा क0 Intense ravages of the cholera; पेंढा- ऱ्यांचा-रामोशांचा-परचक्राचा-क0 &c. &c. 3 क0 is further used, almost interchangeably, with तडाखा & धडाखा, under which words see at large.

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